How a simple mobile app can cut costs and improve quality

Using available tech to boost your bottom line

In any project with short deadlines or complex dependencies, cutting corners can lead to mistakes that are costly to rectify further down the line. In construction in particular, failure to notice mistakes until too late can really cut into profits.

So how can some cheap everyday technology boost your bottom line?

"The soul never thinks without a picture"

Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, and a picture tells a thousand words. Millions of us share photos on social media every day. It has become a familiar part of modern life.

We can harness the power of that process to deliver better results to our customers. Get your staff and subcontractors to take snaps of what they're doing and upload them, and you are able to check that work has been done to spec from the comfort of your armchair, without the need to be there, clutching a clipboard and peering over their shoulder.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"

By sharing visual information across your team, you can monitor progress almost in real time, and the need for and frequency of site visits can be reduced.

They're building that wall in the wrong place or with the wrong bricks? Give them a call and rectify the problem before it's too late.

Ever turned up on site and found that the work hasn't been done, or no-one's there to assist? If you can see progress to date on a website, these situations are easier to avoid.

Your contractors tell you they can't work because the site is flooded. Do you believe them? With pictures, you can better understand and assess the issue.

Your client refuses to pay, saying the work wasn't done to their satisfaction. But you have a complete pictorial record so you can resolve the dispute amicably, without needing to call your lawyer.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"

So there are plenty of benefits to this approach, but social media sites, of course, are not the place to store and display sensitive company data. You should use a dedicated, password-secured service that automatically correlates your photos with the relevant task and crew member, stores location, time and other data, and has advanced features such as data collection, workflow planning, and reporting.

eyeSite provides exactly that service and works at any scale, from one-man architecture or design businesses, right up to major construction corporates.

Interested? Get in touch today to see if you're eligible for a free trial.

(Subheading quotes: Aristotle) 

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