eyeSite monitors and records your team's progress, using photos and data captured on mobile devices

A very simple process ...

Your on-site teams or sub-contractors have the eyeSite app on their phone or tablet.

They select their current task in the app, and take photos as they work. The photos are sent seamlessly over the internet or mobile connection, tagged with job reference, work stage, GPS location, and satellite time and date.

When they're done, they click Complete. 

... that can deliver big benefits ...

You will see who's doing what, when, where and how. eyeSite builds a complete visual record for future reference.

You can monitor quality, progress and performance, collect data, and allocate resources according to need and availability.

eyeSite can integrate with your existing systems, and alert you to deadlines and incomplete tasks.

eyeSite brings real-time monitoring for efficient workflow management, higher quality standards, and detailed record keeping, and is configurable to fit your processes and workflow

eyeSite has been designed for complete flexibility so that all aspects of the system can be tailored to fit your company's workflow and brand values.

Say hello to see how eyeSite could work for you.

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