Scenario: Housebuilding

Managing skilled teams efficiently takes planning.

Like many housebuilders, Summerlight Homes occasionally experience serious quality control issues. Tight profit margins and short deadlines mean that sometimes, snagging lists are not fully dealt with. From there, the company suffer reputational damage from dissatisfied customers publicising their complaints on social media platforms.

Identifying the root of the problem as poor scheduling and supervision of contractors, Summerlight find that delays at any stage led to contractors arriving on site before the work could be done, being unavailable at the required time, or being left with insufficient time to complete the work. They decide to address the problem using digital technology.

Initially trialling as a quick fix on one site, but later rolling out to all sites, the company introduce eyeSite to improve contractor scheduling. With a workflow set up in eyeSite that mirrors their project management systems, the house-building process is divided into multiple sequential and concurrent steps. Photos are returned at each stage of the building process, and work schedulers are able to see exactly when and where resources are needed, allocating contractors to tasks far more efficiently and effectively. 

In addition, building control managers are able to view on screen all work completed by contractors and concentrate site inspections where they are most needed, vastly improving the quality control process.

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