Scenario: Project Management

For Outlet Interiors, a growing shopfitting consultancy, eyeSite is the answer to several problems

With business expanding rapidly, Outlet need a way to keep control of the building and fitting work, without repeated site visits. Too much time is taken up in travel, and there are frequent occasions when the expected work is not completed satisfactorily, or contractors are not on site when the visit is made.

They decide to adopt eyeSite to solve these problems. They acquire a number of low-cost Android phones, install the eyeSite app on each, and leave one at each site where work takes place. Builders, carpenters, plumbers and electricians are asked to take photos of the work they undertake, before, during and after. eyeSite immediately uploads the pictures to the eyeSite website, and office staff can then monitor, almost in real time, exactly what is being done, and when it will be finished. This helps to ensure that site visits are scheduled at the best possible times.

Initially, Outlet worry that their contractors might be resistant to what could be seen as big brother watching over them. In fact, the system is welcomed as a useful communication tool, in that any difficulties that arise can be easily demonstrated to the decision making parties, which helps to get problems resolved much quicker. Better communication leads to better trust between the involved parties.

There are other, unforeseen, advantages. With a better idea of when work would be completed, Outlet can schedule contractors better leading to shorter overall delivery times. And potentially expensive mistakes are averted, such as an occasion when the wrong materials are delivered, unnoticed by the contractor but spotted in the office before they could be applied.

For Outlet Interiors, eyeSite reduces the time needed for site visits, and in the process improves productivity, planning, quality and delivery times.

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