Case Study: Site Surveying

Row, row, row.. no, look out!

Broxbourne Rowing Club had a weed problem. The stretch of the River Lea in each direction from their clubhouse was narrowing, due to encroachment from the banks by trees and bushes. This meant less room for boats to pass, with a greater potential for collisions and the chance of a serious accident.

Responsibility for control of the vegetation lay with the river authorities, the Canals and Rivers Trust and the Lea Valley Park Authority. The rowing club decided to conduct a survey to decide where the most serious problems lay, and considered using GIS software to plot and communicate locations. They also needed to convey the information to the authorities in an easily-readable and accurate way.

Through a personal connection, however, they got in touch with Chris at eyeSite who was happy to offer help in performing the survey. The team set off along the river with eyeSite installed on an Android tablet without a network connection. At each location where vegetation encroached into the river, they took a picture using the app.

Back in the clubhouse and connected to wifi, the photos were uploaded automatically to the eyeSite website. Within minutes, the location of all the problem areas was mapped, and a PDF printed of each area with photo, latitude and longitude coordinates and the Ordnance Survey grid reference. These were sent to the authorities, along with login details to allow them to view the photos and maps online.

With precise information and viual evidence to hand, staff from the Canals and Rivers Trust were able to easily identify the problem areas, and work on vegetation clearance started almost immediately.

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